Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dear Family Campers,

This is your 2nd letter for the big 10 YEAR event.

MYHREN FAMILY CAMP 2010 will be held

Friday July 2nd All day & night
Saturday July 3rd All day & night
Sunday July 4th All day & night
Monday July 5th Till noon


GREAT NEWS! This year one of our younglings is taking on the prestigious job of Talent Show Host. No more tooth-hurty jokes from Uncle D. Jay. Last year Michael and Amy took on the Scavenger Hunt and the Myhren Olympics and this year there's a surprise Talent Show Host. It's a proven fact: The younger generation is carrying on the tradition!!

This is our 10th year of FAMILY CAMP at Camp Makuala. One of our family members has suggested T-Shirts to commemorate the event. If you have any funds to help with this project, call D. Jay @ 503-842-8589 right away.

We've seen family members with injury and illness this past year. Won't you try really hard to stop by and join us this summer? Let's celebrate what a diverse and wonderful family we are!

Remember some of our Family Camp highlights:
Questions for Quackers, Talent Show, Red Light Green Light, the bat,
Flag Ceremony, Neatest Bunk Award, Myhren Olympics, Scavenger Hunt,
Campfires every night and Delicious Food.

Come for an hour or the entire time.

There is plenty of room to pitch a tent, park a trailer or roll out a sleeping bag in a bunk house.
The camp has showers, a full-service kitchen and beautiful scenery.

On the 4th of July we'll have a Myhren Family Reunion Potluck at 12:00 Noon.
Bring a favorite dish or two and we'll have a fine feast together.

Our Annual Talent Show will follow immediately after the Potluck.
Bring your best song or act and entertain us all. We all love a good show!

Camp Makuala - Tillamook, OR. - camp phone #503-842-9665
11.2 miles up Trask River Road. Take a right, cross the bridge, take another right
then continue down the road through the forest to camp.

Check out our family website at
We hope to see you all at camp!! Love, D. Jay and Jerilee ~

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This flyer was mailed out last month. If you didn't get one . . . and you're a Myhren . . . let us know and we'll get your address on the mailing list.


Think back to the last time you and your family came to Family Camp 4th of July.

Remember how you got lost and had to drive forever to find the place?

But remember how nice it was to visit with some of the people there?

Well get out the lutefisk Knute cuz we got our big
10 year bash coming up this July!

Camping ~ Singing ~ Talent Show

In ten years our family has sent some of our greatest members on to Heaven.
There aren't too many of us really great ones left, but there are some!

Please plan your vacation to Family Camp for the 4th of July, 2010.

Are you too old to stop by for a hot dog? Well wake up and smell the coffee!
All kinds of things have happened in our family in the last 10 years.
Who knows what will happen in the next 10.

Come and let the kids have some great fun and make memories that will last forever.




Love, Uncle D. Jay and other family sponsors

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Coakley's Fire

Jim & Jorjie Coakley experienced a great tragedy in their lives recently...a house fire. Fortunately, no one was home, but EVERYTHING is gone. Here's an email from sister Chris Derbyshire. (Both women are daughters of Esther Myhren Derbyshire...their other sister is Patty Curry.)

By now you've heard the news about Jim & Jorjie's house. I thought you might put something on the Blog about it. They lost EVERYTHING including all the pictures from our childhood from Mom & Dad's house. My project for the upcoming year is to try to assemble as many replacements as possible and would appreciate any help from relatives. I have the capability to reproduce copies and will gladly pay to reimburse postage.

Since the fire, they have cleared off the site of the house; and while they can't rebuild on the existing foundation for safety reasons, they left it standing. Loggers are coming today to remove all the burned trees Jim & Jorjie bought a 5th-wheel RV which is parked on the driveway pad. They will move into it once they get water & sewage and electrical hook-ups Whether or not they'll rebuild is still a question. They are running into all kinds of code issues. They are currently living in a house in town provided by one of Jim's co-workers so they've been running back and forth between there and their place.

Also, here's a link to the coverage by the Corvallis paper:

If any of you have family pictures that you think would help Chris reconstruct a scrapbook for the Coakleys, please let her know at

Friday, June 12, 2009


The 2009 Family Camp flyer has been mailed out. If you didn't get one, let us know.

We received an email from Ginny - she can't make it this year and says:

Thanks once again for the invite to the Family Camp. Unfortunately, I cannot make it again this year. There will be a National Elks Convention in Portland this year and since I am the Oregon Government Relations Chair, I have been recruited for a variety of tasks.

I would really like to go some year so keep me on your list and maybe I can make a cameo appearance some time.

Thanks for the invite and say Hi to everyone.


We know we won't be seeing Ginny, but we hope to see many of you there.

Love, D. Jay and Jerilee

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Bonnie & Art Makinster and D. Jay & Jerilee traveled via train to visit with Lars Borgen and family. We had a wonderful time!!

Please view the slideshow off to the left. If you see a picture you like and want it larger, just click on the picture and it should open up on your screen.

More pictures and thoughts of our trip later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Family Camp was great this year. We had some damp weather on the 4th of July, but otherwise the weather was glorious!

40 family and friends came through camp this year. An added feature this year was a collection taken to help maintain the Lom Cemetary in North Dakota. We have a small donation collected and some of our family members will be traveling to North Dakota soon to hand deliv
er the money to our relatives.

Here are some pictures of the fun we had:

Green Light, Red Light

We hope you can come next year. We really do have a great time~~

All ages ~~ one big happy family!